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Amazing Grace / My Chains Are Gone   with vocals 3:33

Amazing Grace / My Chains Are Gone   no vocals 3:33

Amazing Love   with vocals 3:03

Amazing Love   no vocals 3:03

Awesome God   with vocals 3:04

Awesome God   no vocals 3:04

Happy Day   with vocals 3:16

Happy Day   no vocals 3:16

Here I Am To Worship   with vocals 4:05

Here I Am To Worship   no vocals 4:05

Hosanna   with vocals 3:45

Hosanna   no vocals 3:45

* How Firm A Foundation   with vocals 2:39

* How Firm A Foundation   no vocals 2:39

How Great Is Our God   with vocals 3:50

How Great Is Our God   no vocals 3:50

I Exalt Thee   with vocals 3:55

I Exalt Thee   no vocals 3:55

* I Surrender All   with vocals 3:13

* I Surrender All   no vocals 3:13

In Christ Alone   with vocals 4:19

In Christ Alone   no vocals 4:19

* Jehovah Jireh   with vocals 1:37

* Jehovah Jireh   no vocals 1:37

* Jesus Paid It All   with vocals 2:50

* Jesus Paid It All   no vocals 2:50

No Other Name   with vocals 2:53

No Other Name   no vocals 2:53

* Nothing But The Blood   with vocals 3:00

* Nothing But The Blood   with vocals 3:00

Praise Adonai   with vocals 2:03

Praise Adonai   no vocals 2:03

Revelation Song   with vocals 4:27

Revelation Song   no vocals 4:27

Shout To The Lord   with vocals 4:36

Shout To The Lord   no vocals 4:36

The Happy Song   with vocals 2:23

The Happy Song   no vocals 2:17

This Is Amazing Grace   with vocals 4:14

This Is Amazing Grace   no vocals 4:14

We Fall Down   with vocals 2:26

We Fall Down   no vocals 2:26

We Will Glorify   with vocals 2:06

We Will Glorify   no vocals 2:06

Worthy, You Are Worthy   with vocals 1:32

Worthy, You Are Worthy   no vocals 1:32

You Are Worthy   with vocals 3:13

You Are Worthy   no vocals 3:13

* Public Domain. Our own Calvary Chapel Battle Creek member who arranged/orchestrated this song has given you permission to use this arrangement.